Recycle Me Mosaics

Venue # 18

Katy Galbraith

Upper Dalchonzie Cottage

07803 334077


Working with views over the river and hills, Katy Galbraith is frequently inspired by this rural landscape which is reflected in her mosaics. Flowers in abundance feature in the majority of her pieces, however, she has recently expanded her repertoire to include native birds, insects and mammals. Her mosaics can be purely decorative, such as a picture for a garden wall or a sculptural piece, or with a more practical purpose such as a tabletop or bathroom splashback.

In producing her mosaics, she aims to be true to herself and her interest in recycling and sustainability by incorporating many recycled materials, including those representing her local area or pieces donated for use by friends and family, similar to a traditional patchwork concept. This reuse of materials also gives her work a textural quality to it, as light bounces off the different tile facets.

The receipt of recycled materials stimulates her creative processes, often acting as a catalyst for new work. She sees working with mosaics as an evolving process, as she explores working with new materials, themes and people.